10 Best Magnet Fishing 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

Magnet fishing is always found it very interesting if you are curious to know about what is inside of water bodies. Many people love to do that in free time or as an adventure. It is nothing but the same as fishing.

Features to be in consideration for magnetic fishing:

  • Magnet fishing is done by a magnet and a rope attached to it. It is an inexpensive outdoor hobby that anyone can do. This set up needs a few things that are available easily. All we need is the hook, line, and sinker with the magnet.
  • All you have to do is just throw that magnet into the water and when you feel the magnet heavy pull it back. We need a heavy magnet for this. It is good to get the heaviest magnet so that it can give you a good experience.
  • It is advisable to get the heavy magnet so that you can tie it securely with the rope. There are various factors that we need to observe that when we pull it back from the water bodies, maximum force is required.
  • During this task, it is also important to know that there is soil, vegetation, rust, and algae on the water surface. So it is not so easy every time. The bigger object will need the strongest magnet to catch the objects from the water.
  • There are so many magnets are available on the market so it is always been a confusion to select the one. It always depends on budget and usage. So here are some magnets listed below which is good in qualities if you are searching for it.
  • Whichever magnet you choose it is necessary to observe some features before buying it. The pulling force of the magnet should be 500 lbs that are 226 kgs. It is important to know about its fasteners and eye bolts.
  • It is very necessary to have a neodymium magnet because not all magnets are the same. The magnet should be made up of an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron for magnet fishing purposes.
  • This type of magnet is strongest and permanent and it is available on the commercial market easily. Also, it is necessary to buy an N42 grade magnet as it requires field strength to pull out things. You should buy an N42 grade.
  • It needs to be in the observation that magnets need special care for handling as it can cause injury and can damage electronics. There are various types of ropes out there that can buy for magnet fishing.
  • Also of the strong magnet, we need to buy strong rope also. The kit is recommended to get a rope that is minimum 50 feet in length which is long enough for magnet fishing. Always choose nylon paracord rope because it is really strong and firm.

Magnet fishing is a task where people enjoy doing that. It is fun to know what is inside water bodies near our homes. Many people are interested in this, but before you go to buy elements for magnet fishing take a look at that.

All about the magnetic fishing:

It is good practice to follow a simple code of conduct when magnet fishing. This will help keep the hobby safe and from being banned or made illegal in the future.

The magnet fishing code of conduct would be very similar to a metal detecting code of conduct.

  1. Consider other people and the general public.
  2. Remove all scrap metal & litter; do not leave at the side of the water.
  3. Report all find’s classified under the treasure act or treasure laws according to your locality.
  4. If you saw any illegal material like bombs, ammunition, weaponry then you have to report about the suspicious things to the local authorities.
  5. Make a record of the location of any finds of historic interest.

What equipment need for magnet fishing?

One of the best things about the Magnet Fishing hobby is that you don’t need much to get you started and as long as you have to care of fishing equipment and try to save magnets.

There are, as per many of my guides some things included in this section that are mandatory and some that are optional.

  1. Magnet:

This is the main piece of equipment you will need before magnet fishing. It’s not as simple as visiting the local hardware store and buying a magnet. Neodymium magnet is also identified as a rare earth magnet.

The neodymium magnets are very powerful and come in a range of sizes, to begin with, you’re going to want a good pull strength magnet but perhaps not the strongest, at least until you get used to recovering metal objects.

  1. Rope:

The most important part about purchasing rope is that you buy the correct strength to support the pull strength of the magnet, the last thing you want here is to snap the rope and lose the magnet and metal item you have found.

  1. Bucket or Container:

You’re going to need something to put your good finds in while magnet fishing, some people just leave them at the side of the body of water.

Anything scrap that you are not taking should be left nearby and always remember to clear up at the end of the day and take your scrap with you or organize for it to be collected. Do not ever throw it back into the water.

  1. Safety Gloves

Safety gloves, in my opinion, should be mandatory when you’re out with your magnet you will be pulling out sharp bits of metal that are more than likely full of rust.

To avoid the any worst injuries, you need to wear surgical gloves beneath your safety gloves.

  1. First aid kit

If you are responsible and you’re concerned about your health and safety you should have a first aid kit accessible. First aid Kits are inexpensive and are very handy to have.


With the help of powerful magnet which attached to a rope to retrieve the metal items from the water is the form of treasure hunting which is known as Magnet fishing. Where can you go for magnet fishing? It is the first question when you want to go for magnet fishing. Some popular places for magnet fishing include:

  1. Rivers and canals.
  2. Lakes.
  3. Streams.
  4. The sea or ocean.
  5. Wells.

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An enjoyable hobby which suits everyone is magnet fishing which requires a long rope and powerful magnet only.

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